Spring forward

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Why Hello there, Spring.

You’ve rescued me from the misery of winter.  But there is one I love even more than you and her name is Summer

as if lips were meant to be pink


so dewy and ethereal...

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she's thinking, the sun is so Glorious...and so am I...haha j/k.

Hope you get some sun this weekend 😉 



Michelle Phan: YouTube to Lancôme

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Michelle Phan, the most popular makeup guru on YouTube, was recently picked up by Lancôme as the brand’s first-ever video makeup artist .  Her videos are pleasant to watch with her soothing voice, and carefully chosen background music.  Ms. Phan has uploaded a wide variety of videos from everyday looks, to costume party makeup, movie character-inspired faces, product reviews, and numerous “how to’s” on cleaning makeup brushes and DIY home facials…..go ahead and peruse through her YouTube channel.

Already planning for Halloween? (I am. I’m gonna be Kim Yuna….you better not steal my idea.)

Wanna add some pizazz to your traditional eyeliner?

And for those of us who are not as daring…

Michelle Phan is a current art student and a self taught makeup artist.   I enjoy her unique approach to makeup, inspired by art and artist’s techniques.   A couple years back,  she applied for a Lancôme makeup counter position and was denied…well, look her at her now!

 If you love doing something, keep doing it and maybe someday you’ll get paid for doing something that you would do for free!



thank you

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i have so many inquiries coming in for “face dates”– i’m pretty overwhelmed at all your support.  thank you for lending me your face, sharing your time with me, and trusting me although i am just a newbie…experimenting, and figuring things out. oh, and also for following my blog!

much love to all you women!





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I love these photos.

the sun lighting her face….her smile,

so beautiful.



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Thank goodness, goodness gracious that today is FRIDAY.


farewell blush

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my friends, today is a sad day. i think i’ve discovered the culprit to my skin woes. blush. i’m allergic to powder blush.  i suspected it before, but i was in denial.  now i must resort to pinching my cheeks or see if my ultra-sensitive skin will tolerate cream blushers.  as i bid farewell to powder blush today, i wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite:

*please note that i’ve only tried a limited # of products, is the place to go to find reviews.  also feel free to share your favorites!

LORAC'S DESIRE: my ultimate favorite. don't let the bright pink intimidate you. if you apply with a light hand, it's fresh and'll look like a doll!

NAR'S ORGASM:you've probably already heard of this R-rated blush. supposedly what celebs use to get their glow on. i think it works better on slightly tanner complexions.

BOBBI BROWN'S BAHAMA BROWN:this pic is inaccurate. MUCH lighter in person. great if you don't want much color, but subtle definition

powder blush, you have given me joy that is fleeting and have left me with more heartache in the long run… more. farewell. goodbye. au revoir.


5 minute look, 5 products

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sorry, the lighting is kinda green

This is the look I have been wearing all week.  It only takes 5 minutes and 5 products…some of you are thinking, that’s 5 products too many!!

1) FACE: clinique continuous coverage foundation, on problem areas only and eye lids as a base for eye shadow

2) EYE BROWS: benefit brow zings in dark

3) EYELINER: bobbi brown long-wear gel liner in black, on                                                                         the waterline only

4) EYE SHADOW: bobbi brown eye shadow in heather

5) LIPS: revlon matte lipstick in pink pout

My look of the moment, but I know in a few weeks I may look back and think, “What was I thinking? What’s up with the pepto-bismol lips?!!”