for those with sensitive skin…

In Miscellaneous on March 31, 2010 by facesbyangie

like mine.  having sensitive skin can be frustrating, as most of the products out on the market will irritate our skin.  even ingredients that are normally beneficial, all natural, or specially created for “sensitive skin” can wreck havoc!  after dealing with sensitive skin for many years, here are some tips i’ve compiled along the way. some may seem obvious, but i was slow to learn!

  • don’t mistaken dermatitis (e.g. skin rash due to an allergy) for acne. sometimes a mild allergic reaction may show up in the form of small bumps on the face.  you may begin to treat this with a harsh acne medication and worsen the condition, if indeed, the bumps are a result of a skin allergy
  • only test out 1 product at a time. that way, if you skin does react you can better pinpoint the culprit.  sometimes, you’ll be tempted to buy an entire skincare regimen: cleanser, toner, moisturizer.  if your skin reacts, you won’t know which product(s) is causing the irritation
  • sunscreen is a must, BUT be aware that suncreens tend to cause allergic reactions. there are 2 types of sunscreens 1) chemical 2) physical.  chemical suncreens are absorbed into the skin, so opt for a physical suncreen that will protect your skin by creating a physical barrier without skin absorption.
  • be careful in subscribing to the theory that products take time for your skin to adjust. if it burns/stings/causes bumps, STOP using it!  this will save you lots of grief!
  • no need to commit to purchasing products. at department stores, you can request a sample jar to test before purchasing (explain your skin sensitivity issue).  also, if you do purchase a product and find that it is irritating your skin you CAN return it–not only at Sephora or Nordstorms, but even CVS and Target.  since sensitive skin requires trial & error, this will save you some $$
  • be cognizant of when and where your skin is/has been irritated. e.g. i had problems with pink, irritated cheeks.  recently i stopped using powder blush and my cheeks are no longer irritated!/ in the past i was allergic to Aveeno products which contain soy, so now i check product ingredients and avoid soy altogether
  • try cosmetic brands (Lorac, Korres, Tarte…) and skincare lines (Eucerin, Boscia, Cetaphil…) that are sensitive skin conscious, but don’t assume that every product labeled as appropriate for “sensitive skin” will work for you
  • talk to other women with sensitive skin. okay this tip sounds real corny, but i’m being serious.  recently at church i was telling some girls how sensitive my skin was.  one of the girls said her skin is the same way and suggested Dove bar soap for facial cleansing (which i would’ve never considered). i tried it, and i love it.  in fact it has replaced my ever so reliable Cetaphil gentle cleanser

it seems i have become a sensitive skin expert, not by choice…haha just kidding.  honestly, it’s a guessing game.  what works for me, may not necessarily work for you……..with that being said, Good Luck!!


2 Responses to “for those with sensitive skin…”

  1. ANGIE — The sunscreen information is MONEY! I never knew. And the tip after that is so true. Finally, I had no idea you could return products if you react negatively to them! Something to keep in mind definitely if I ever get back to the States…

    And thanks for the Boscia and Dove heads up.


    • the only thing about physical sunscreens is that they tend to leave a white cast on your face, but it’s no problem for someone as fair as you or if you layer makeup on top….it’s more problematic if you’re darker-skinned.

      and not IF you get back to the states, it’s WHEN my dear.

      i miss you SO MUCH!

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