Soon to Be Mrs. Yoon

In FACES on March 21, 2010 by facesbyangie

3rd time’s a charm?  i think so. Rose looks so B E A U T I F U L, just as a bride should look and feel!  imagine her in a pretty white dress…i see it, do you?

it’s cray how natural the makeup appears in pictures. it was more dramatic in person.

and look what i found, a picture of the groom!


4 Responses to “Soon to Be Mrs. Yoon”

  1. Awesome job Ang! She looks great! Elmer was happy too. lol

  2. So pretty!!!

    Just a side note: I don’t know if anybody told you this but if you have the little flower symbol on your digital camera, be sure to press that and then take your photo for close-ups (like the middle one you took). The flower symbol is for “macro” mode so it will make stuff that is closer to the lens clear, and the stuff in the background blurry =)

  3. wow! i love it!! sooo pretty =)

  4. her skin looks so flawless and photo-ready! the eyes are so much more dramatic than before 🙂

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