Michelle Phan: YouTube to Lancôme

In Makeup Artists on March 17, 2010 by facesbyangie

Michelle Phan, the most popular makeup guru on YouTube, was recently picked up by Lancôme as the brand’s first-ever video makeup artist .  Her videos are pleasant to watch with her soothing voice, and carefully chosen background music.  Ms. Phan has uploaded a wide variety of videos from everyday looks, to costume party makeup, movie character-inspired faces, product reviews, and numerous “how to’s” on cleaning makeup brushes and DIY home facials…..go ahead and peruse through her YouTube channel.

Already planning for Halloween? (I am. I’m gonna be Kim Yuna….you better not steal my idea.)

Wanna add some pizazz to your traditional eyeliner?

And for those of us who are not as daring…

Michelle Phan is a current art student and a self taught makeup artist.   I enjoy her unique approach to makeup, inspired by art and artist’s techniques.   A couple years back,  she applied for a Lancôme makeup counter position and was denied…well, look her at her now!

 If you love doing something, keep doing it and maybe someday you’ll get paid for doing something that you would do for free!



One Response to “Michelle Phan: YouTube to Lancôme”

  1. i want to see you as yuna!

    and you can never fail doing what you love.

    i love that you’re doing what you love.

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