farewell blush

In Favorite Products on March 11, 2010 by facesbyangie

my friends, today is a sad day. i think i’ve discovered the culprit to my skin woes. blush. i’m allergic to powder blush.  i suspected it before, but i was in denial.  now i must resort to pinching my cheeks or see if my ultra-sensitive skin will tolerate cream blushers.  as i bid farewell to powder blush today, i wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite:

*please note that i’ve only tried a limited # of products, is the place to go to find reviews.  also feel free to share your favorites!

LORAC'S DESIRE: my ultimate favorite. don't let the bright pink intimidate you. if you apply with a light hand, it's fresh and'll look like a doll!

NAR'S ORGASM:you've probably already heard of this R-rated blush. supposedly what celebs use to get their glow on. i think it works better on slightly tanner complexions.

BOBBI BROWN'S BAHAMA BROWN:this pic is inaccurate. MUCH lighter in person. great if you don't want much color, but subtle definition

powder blush, you have given me joy that is fleeting and have left me with more heartache in the long run… more. farewell. goodbye. au revoir.

4 Responses to “farewell blush”

  1. ohh nooo 😦 it’s funny you were in denial but i’m glad you found out. i hope our skin tolerates cream blushers!

  2. haha oops that was a total typo. i think it’s supposed to be “your”… BUT my cheeks ARE pretty sensitive to blush. what are tarte blushers?

  3. […] Favorite Products on April 10, 2010 by facesbyangie i recently tried an alternative to powder blush, which had the tendency to irritate my skin, a cream/gel blushe, more specifically tarte cheek […]

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