chapped lips no mo

In Favorite Products on March 9, 2010 by facesbyangie

a bit expensive, but well-worth it. i recently picked some up at my local Sephora. i noticed today that my lips were actually soft, not chapped as usual. perfect.  i really dig nude pink lips, but this look really requires soft and moisturized lips.  now nude lips can finally be mine thanks to Boscia’s Jujube Salve Stick.


4 Responses to “chapped lips no mo”

  1. omg please let me know if this keeps working past the first day. i don’t want it to be like new conditioner… works amazing the first time you switch over but the effects kind of die down after continuous application. i love nude pink! can’t do it though, because my lips chap SOOOO easily.

    • jam, i def. will give you an update. i’ve lathering vaseline at night, carmex, blistex, kiehls…..nothing has been working for me this summer. don’t you love nude pink? i love how it’s an understated pretty.

      • also if you’re interested…some really pretty colors: mac angel (decent dupe: revlon matte in pink pout) & mac lavender whip (so pretty jam!, dupe: nyx round in power)

  2. ohhh ANG thanks for the colors AND the duplicates. i’m going to be on the lookout for mac makeup products (don’t know if i’ve seen a mac makeup store or place that carries mac makeup in korea.. but then again, the only things that really catch my eye are bookstores). lavender whip sounds sooooo pretty. hope i can find it in korea. i know for sure i can find revlon. man how do you keep up with this stuff? i’m amazed by you!

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