Rose’s makeup trial #2

In FACES on March 8, 2010 by facesbyangie

wedding makeup, or any makeup that will be photographed, is tricky.  what may appear as heavy makeup in person often times may photograph gorgeous, while on the other hand, makeup that is just right, natural and pretty may photograph poorly….as if the blushing bride is simply not wearing enough blush!

so where is the balance?  you don’t want to be caught in the two extremes of either 1) looking like a drag queen the day of your wedding for the sake of polished photos OR 2) looking gorgeous the day of your wedding but settling for pics that do not do justice to how amazing you really looked the day of!

several weeks back, i did a makeup trial for my first bride and dear friend Rose.  due to the fact that Rose does not regularly wear makeup, she was a little taken aback at how dramatic the makeup was. if you take a look at the photos, however, her makeup still looks very natural.

today, we tried a more natural look that was very pretty in person but in pictures it almost looks “too natural ” (if there is such a thing) for wedding makeup.  i think we can push a little further…any thoughts?

e.g. Rose had a good amount of blush on but you can barely see any here!

pardon the lash glue that was still drying

on a side note, Rose is such a great canvas to work on.  she has very distinct features and it’s so fun enhancing her God-given natural beauty.  I am really looking forward to her wedding. 🙂


4 Responses to “Rose’s makeup trial #2”

  1. push further! you know that first time you did it didn’t look like too much makeup to me. especially if she has that on for her wedding day. you kinda expect the bride to be wearing lotsa makeup that day right?

    but yeah, please no drag queen 🙂

    • hi groom, you lucky fella you.
      i wanna push it further too….i liked her eyes a ‘lil smoky like last time but remember how Rose was kinda shocked?? i want the bride to feel comfortable. okay we’ll do TRIAL #3–3rd time’s a charm!

  2. i never realized how hard finding the balance must be until this post. she looks really good though ang. i’m thinking the opposite of the groom (sorry groom) but it seems like right now is good enough? then again, she will be under really strong light for pictures and stuff probably so yeah… it might be okay to do more. ask your genius bf 🙂

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