more than just pretty

In Miscellaneous on March 1, 2010 by facesbyangie

these lips are to die for

winter alternative to the smokey eye

makeup is most commonly used to enhance facial features…to make someone  look or feel “prettier”

however, what really gets me excited are more runway-inspired, editorial makeup looks.  looks, that may not be necessarily considered “pretty” in a conventional way, but nonetheless are artistically striking and beautiful.  makeup that has the ability to evoke an emotion, or make a statement…

model to the right freaks me out

qualifies as pretty, but modern enough for the runway

pepto-bismol never looked so good

purple is my fav color for obvious reasons

nude done right always screams sophistication

i hope to one day evolve into more  of an editorial makeup artist, perhaps with some professional training.  in the meantime, i will be focusing most of my efforts on mainstream, wearable looks.  i am reminded how artists such as Pablo Picasso mastered drawing the human figure or painting a still life before becoming famous for his abstract masterpieces.


Image Sources from left to right (excluding the lips): [] [] [] [] [] [] []


6 Responses to “more than just pretty”

  1. Hey I don’t know if this would interest you at all but sometimes at my school, there’s flyers up where students ask for help with projects (whether it’s someone with a specialty in another field or just in general). If there’s a make-up related one, would you be interested? There’s usually a really wide-range of work from “way-out-there” to “normal” stuff =) I could keep an eye out for you if something like that comes up?

  2. ang darling!! i love what u have goin on here! what released the artist/designer in you? or.. have ya always been an artist at heart and i never knew?! 🙂 how fun and exciting that you are getting far into art and design scene as well as the makeup industry, and really doin whatcha love. =) that’d be awesome to one day see ur name credited for painting beautiful faces. in the meanwhile, keep your makeup gig pictures coming. very cool. =)
    i miss you angie!

    • My sweet sweet Karen! I miss you. I think I have always been an artist at heart, but never allowed myself to develop in this area. This past year I took some art classes….2d design, representational drawing, and i was SO inspired. Karen, I had so many epiphanic moments during various art projects…and spiritual moments considering how our God is the most amazing artist ever! I really do miss you Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch dear, I love you!

  3. The doe-eyed look is gorgeous!
    It fits her well.
    And the makeup on the woman with the black scarf is quite natural.

  4. good call on images sources. get that video up!


    i super dig the first picture with the super maroon lips and the black scarf lady’s look (i want to try this look)

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