Jung Saem Mool: Blue Hawaii

In Makeup Artists on February 19, 2010 by facesbyangie

the thought of blue eye shadow (God forbid!) may remind you of…

mimi, from the drew carey show

it can however, be done beautifully and artfully as demonstrated by Jung Saem Mool:


  • love the way she applies blush, none of the big swiping motions that we’re familiar with (this makes the blush look like it’s coming from within the skin)
  • the model’s completed eyes remind me of a watercolor painting…just lovely!
  • she didn’t use any black/brown eyeliner!
  • her process (in all her tutorials): 1) concealer/foundation, 2) blush, 3) eyes, 4) eyebrows, 5) lips (usually people fill in the eyebrows much earlier on, and save blush for later)

this look is probably more appropriate for the summer.  ahh, summer…my favorite season!! another reason to look forward to it…


3 Responses to “Jung Saem Mool: Blue Hawaii”

  1. ahaha mimi from the drew carey show. frightening display of eye shadow.
    summer’s coming soon enough 🙂

  2. no eyeliner! pretty cool. efficiency efficiency.


    blue HAWAII.


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