my red lips

In Miscellaneous on February 17, 2010 by facesbyangie

per jjb’s request, and as a follow up to my previous entry….i’ve attempted the oh so intimidating red lip. in order to save time & money, i turned to thi cosmetics for a wearable, flattering shade of red. thi is a cosmetics line created by Taylor Pham, an asian SF-based makeup artist (whom I plan to feature in my “Makeup Artist” section one of these days).

i found riveting red layered with kalea lipgloss to be a very versatile color, a non-risky option for those who are new at the red lip.  the color is neither too orange nor too pink (although i’d like to try some funky pink-reds and orange-reds someday).  i am still in favor of smokey eyes paired with a neutral lip, but this was fun and a look i’d love to try on others!

* unfortunately, the red is showing up slightly different in pictures (it looks more berry-like in pics)

went with a fairly neutral eye

to balance out the stronger lip


5 Responses to “my red lips”

  1. ANGIE i decided — i LOVE LOVE LOVE black hair on you. [you look] SO CLASSY GORGEOUS. the red lips dominate but also really make everything else about you pop, paradoxical as that sounds! eyes, hair color, skin… WOW i wish i could pull it off like you!!! the bottom right picture is the prettiest. i think i’d do a double take on the street if i were a guy, and i saw you with the red lip neutral face look. 😉 and neutral eyes = good decision. did you use liquid eyeliner for your eyes? i need you to teach me liquid eyeliner!

    • thank you for being my #1 fan…heehee. i used a pencil liner in the waterline only. it’s NO FUN doing makeup on your own face, esp. b/c i’m already so set in my ways (in terms of how i apply my makeup). also, when we see ourselves our view is not always objective or sometimes it is too objective, as paradoxical as THAT sounds…does that make any sense?? (we don’t see our beauty, we immediately see what we want to change, what we hate and this can be very limiting) i ❤ bouncing thoughts off of you.

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