Rose’s makeup trial

In FACES on February 14, 2010 by facesbyangie

today was Rose’s makeup trial for her upcoming wedding in April.  she wanted a very natural look.  i am pretty pleased with how the makeup turned out! (besides the lip color, we’ve decided to go with a more pink hue for the actual wedding day)  here’s a preview of the beautiful blushing bride to be!  thank you Rose for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding in this way. *click on pic to enlarge

rose styled her own hair, isn't it so pretty?

daniel checking out his fiance

we got the stamp of approval from the groom to be 😉

my notes so i can duplicate the look the day of the wedding

my art supplies


8 Responses to “Rose’s makeup trial”

  1. angie, she looks amazing. i like the face on your notes, too!

  2. and happy valentine’s day 😀

  3. beautiful!!!! =) I’m totally hiring you for makeup (whenever I need it…I dunno when LOL!)

  4. angie! i’m so impressed by your professionalism with your face notes and of course with how rose looked! so pretty 🙂

    • thanks Lucinda! i’m really thankful to Rose for trusting me with her makeup on her wedding day. she is so opposite of a bridezilla! we’re going to try out a couple other looks and choose the best one for the big day!!

  5. […] weeks back, i did a makeup trial for my first bride and dear friend Rose.  due to the fact that Rose does not regularly wear […]

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