i feel like red lips today

In Miscellaneous on February 8, 2010 by facesbyangie

usually i am partial to smokey eyes paired with a natural lip, however, i do love the red lip look. it is alluringbold, confident, self-assured, old hollywood glamour or modern punk rock Gwen Stefani. it’s as if girls with red lips have more fun!  this week, i will unabashedly wear red lips!!

her trademark, the trademark she pulls off Oh So Well!

…by the way, i searched long and hard on google for an asian model with red lips and could hardly find any (besides in a geisha-like sense)! do you think there are cultural implications here? when i see a woman with a bold red lip, i sense that she is strong and confident, fearless and free.  perhaps asian woman more than others, don’t want to portray themselves in this way? or is it simply about what is/is not flattering?


9 Responses to “i feel like red lips today”

  1. can you put up pictures of you totally amazingly awesomely pulling off red lips?

    🙂 pretty please?

    • jjb: i am wearing a red lip today but it is a bit too on the pink side for my liking. i will experiment and mix (it’s really like painting!) colors throughout the week and post my favorite colour. there are so many kinds! a brighter fun & funky red, a richer/deeper hue, very classic old hollywood red…

      • there are definitely SOOO many colors to choose from. i love how even the subtlest change in shade can make such a dramatically different statement. (think : fine line between — classic hollywood | ahjumah red –).

  2. angie,
    can you please help me try red lipstick? i’ve always wanted to try, but have been too scared. plus, i don’t really know where to start!

  3. so ladies, the red lips must wait a few days. i think color is KEY, and i found this red lip color created by an sf based asian makeup artist “not to orange, not to pink”–looks gorgeous! i’m excited to get ahold of it!

    • i’ve fallen in love with that color. i want to drink or eat it, it’s so rich looking! the gloss is so interesting to me, i’m so curious as to what it will look like over the red! you know, like how in painting, the base makes the top color look sooo much richer than if it were just the top coat of color.

  4. […] on February 17, 2010 by facesbyangie per jjb’s request, and as a follow up to my previous entry….i’ve attempted the oh so intimidating red lip. in order to save time & money, i […]

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