no material….yet

In Miscellaneous on February 5, 2010 by facesbyangie

but i do have some future engagements coming up…

including a Bride To Be’s makeup trial on Valentine’s day weekend!

i’m excited to share my work!! my goal is to “paint” at least one face per week.  let me know if you’re brave enough to be that face 😉


5 Responses to “no material….yet”

  1. love this “old looking” shot. almost looks like a polaroid! ah i miss polaroids.

    • it’s an iPhone app. God bless you for encouraging me to get one. my life is so much better with an iPhone. i own a polaroid camera, but jam, the film is so expensive!

      • hahaha ang you crack me up. the film is expensive because they stopped manufacturing them. i’m pretty sure a bunch of artists hoarded up on that film because yeah, it’s out of production. it’s actually interesting to consider how we now artificially create the polaroid look. it’s the same as “new” antique furniture. the world blows my mind sometimes. okay i’m getting boring. i’m jealous you own a polaroid, we threw ours away when i was a young’un, which i regret soooo badly. keep your polaroid camera safe okay? when i see you again, i’ll bring a pack of that expensive polaroid film and we’ll go to town with it. did you know you are amazing and i love you? our kids won’t know what the heck “shake it like a polaroid picture” means when or if they ever hear that song.

  2. i actually bought my poloroid at a thrift store a few years ago 🙂 you’re not boring, i love your novels. LOL…..our kids won’t know a lot of things, kinda crazy. LOVE YOU TOO! thanks for showing facesbyangie much love–get on that logo girl! i’m anticipating something perfect, b/c you’re just like that xoxo

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